We are back in 2021 – Save the date Saturday March 6th!

Thanks – our inaugural fair was a huge success. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Records with a view…

Come for the wine, scenery…and Crate Digging!

Kicking off on Saturday 6th March – $5 entry from 9am, FREE from 11am & Kirk’s Kitchen opens at midday!

Local Sellers

We’ve hand-picked a great selection of local sellers for you. Our sellers are not your everyday record fair faces, so you can be assured of both the quality and range of stock they will bring!


Not only do we have great local sellers, but we want to offer fair value to both collectors and new starters alike – whether it’s your highly collectable first press – or a guilty pleasure from the 80s.

Location / Venue

The Mornington Peninsula’s own Record Fair – with our venue partner: Kirks on the Esplanade. Panoramic views of the bay as you dig. Note: upstairs event (no lift / wheelchair access).

Covidsafe Event

Kirks on the Esplanade and the Mornington Peninsula Record Fair will be a covidsafe event under the prevailing legislation and requirements at the time. Be safe, and let’s look out for each other.

The Mornington Peninsula's very own local Record Fair Saturday March 6th 2021 from 9am at Kirks Mornington
Meet Our Sellers

Seller 1

Co-Creator and Organiser

A music lover who has grown up on the Peninsula. A long-time collector, only just beginning to sell from his own collection. Along with his mate, decided the perfect combination was to start our own Record Fair, in our “own backyard”! I will be featuring plenty of 80’s guilty pleasures and mainstream Pop/Rock – as well as oddities and of course, more collectible items you don’t see every day! Moving on a lot of 7″ singles and plenty of great party compilation albums! Something for everyone.

Seller 2

Co-Creator and Organiser

G’day, I am basically a collector with too many seconds and thirds that i am now prepared to sell. I will have 6 to 8 crates of all sorts of stuff. Yes, AC/DC, Led Zep, Floyd etc. will be in my stock. Metal, Pop, Greatest Hits..I will also have 2 crates of Jazz and Folk which i think is cool 😎I also have some interesting Pearl Jam stuff for sale including a copy of the original Vitalogy book that inspired the artwork. Anyway i look forward to seeing you all there!

Seller 3

I have been collecting vinyl since 1969 and began trading and selling through fairs, markets and online in the mid 70’s. My collection at its peak was over 25,000 lps and many thousands of singles, eps and cds (it’s way smaller now). Since retirement selling lps and cds has become my only source of income. My stock is very clean and ranges from the rare to the popular always priced and presented to sell. I now sell at Kongwak market in South Gippsland and have a very loyal following there. Rob (the Record Guy)

Seller 4

Jim is a Mornington Peninsula old-timer, most commonly know for his Sunday stall at the Bittern Market. He has operated there for over a decade and has always had an excellent mix of heavy hitting records for sale. He often has AC/DC, Floyd, Sabbath and Zep in the heavy box. And there are plenty of Beatles and Stones – enough for their own special boxes! For bargain hunters Jim regularly sells classics from $5 each week, with regular stock turnover. We are very lucky to have Jim selling on March 7. Get in quick for his bargains!

Seller 5

Seller 5 listens to anything pop to punk, Madonna to MotorHead so I have a wide variety of crates / genres for sale; Jazz/Blues, Punk & Metal, Aussie & classic Prog etc. I also sell for a mate who’s stuff is NOS (new old stock) which you don’t typically see and a few white label test pressings. I’m always open to trade and haggling so feel free to have a chat and offer. Bundle-mania is also King 👑 !

Seller 6

Seller 6 is a keen lover of 90’s and 2000’s artists – and UK new wave / indie bands. He is also our DJ for the day, spinning up Vinyl for sale from his collection to keep the soundtrack to the fair pumping! Thanks in advance for being at our fair – and bringing your DJ skills and experience to our event!

Seller 7

Seller 7 has some truly amazing stock and an international clientèle! Whether it’s rare Beatles albums, iconic Aussie collectible albums or that record you have had on your want-list for ever and a day, Seller 7 probably has it! A local through-and-through, we are so pleased to have him at our fair!

Seller 8

Our second last seller brings something special to the Mornington Peninsula Record Fair. Not only has he been building up a great selection of records to bring to the fair – but he custom builds timber record stands for storing and displaying your vinyl collection! Buy a record – and buy the storage solution to show it off! Awesome 🙂

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